The micro current pulse stimulator improves or controls activities of nerve or muscle.

Power : 3V(AAA battery 2) Power Consumption : 6~21A
Weight : 110g(include battery weight) Frequency : 7Hz
Dimension(mm) :180(W) x 38(D)

- Micro current mechanism
It changes DC 3V power into a high voltage for bio-electricity by applying DC Converter and the circuit and this stimulation to human
body with instantaneous stimulating pulse of 0.0007 second enables to generate anion and to help the blood circulation and pain relief
by the expansion of capillary vessel around the stimulating area.

- Characteristics of M.P.S (Micro current Pulse Stimulator)
Unlike acupuncture, only external contact can be effective without any infiltration into body. It can be used by oneself without any help.
Also, this device is very convenient and easy to carry with, because it is light with elegant design. There is no toxicity,
no side-effect or no expenses except battery exchange.

- Intensity control
Stimulating intensity control is divided into 10 steps.
A beginner can begin with the first step to minimize the unfamiliar stimulation. (Upon turning it on, the step 1 is set automatically.)
If a user selects higher step, he can experience the current over the skin or in the hand holding the product by the stimulating electrode,
which is very natural. Only continuous use helps to get used to such stimulating feeling.

This is supplies deep stimulation like acupuncture and it is rather stronger than acupuncture.
This method is born from the combination of oriental acupuncture and western electropathy.